Combining iconic design with vast functionality, the Classic 110 Rangecooker is the perfect appliance to accommodate for ever-changing cooking needs of your family. Available in a range of colours, there's guaranteed to be a style that blends in with the rest of your kitchen effortlessly. Whether your kitchen offers a contemporary or classic design there will be no doubt that the glossy finish of this cooker will become the centrepiece of your kitchen.


Reaching New Heights of Practically


Cooking a succulent Sunday roast dinner is a tradition that will live on for many lifetimes to come. The latest Classic 110 Rangecooker eliminates the hassle of preparing multiple ingredients at the same time while ensuring that the end result is of professional standards. The handy rack is a cleverly mounted roasting tray which is attached to the door of the oven. Perfect for preparing flavourful roast beef, this allows you to have ease of access to your meat and to be able to check the core temperature of the beef. Ensuring that a perfect ruby red centre is graciously displayed when it comes to carving. The rack can also be easily detached to make washing up effortless. 


Ignite Your Baking Career 


For avid bakers, this cooker offers great practicality within a sleek yet stunning design. Baking for the family has never been simpler, packed with some of the latest features your favourite recipes can be executed comfortably. Every experienced baked will understand how frustrating it can be having to keep opening the oven door to check how the cake is getting on. By constantly having to open the door you are increasing the chance of your cake collapsing. This cooker comes with elegant windows allowing you to keep a close eye on your cake without causing any inconsistencies in the temperature. The windows blend in with the rest of the cooker adding an extra layer of elegance the appliance.


Eliminating The Hassle of Cleaning


After a long busy day at work, one of the last things anyone enjoys doing is cleaning up. There is no need to waste your time cleaning your cooker inside out as the reliable Catalytic liners do most of the work for you. Absorbing fat and steam during cooking ensures that there are no hidden deposits of fat and grease hidden in the corners of your cooker. When the temperature of the cooker reaches above 200°C the unwanted fat is deposited into the base making this appliance a dream to clean. This will help to eliminate the hassle of washing up leaving you with more time to spend on the things that really matter to you. Whether that be sitting down and getting into your current book or kicking back and relaxing with the family it's completely up to you how you decide to spend this newfound time. 


Exceptional Energy Efficiency 


The new Classic 110 Rangecooker boasts an incredible A-rated energy efficiency rating. This ensures with every ounce of electricity that is supplied to the cooker will be used to the full potential, leaving you with the peace of mind that you will be getting the most cooking performance out of the money your spending on your bills. Cooking fresh and healthy meals for your family doesn't mean you have to spend more on your gas and electricity bills. Choosing an A energy efficiency rated appliance allows you to cook to your heart's content with as little energy going to waste as possible. 


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